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The Junior Golf Program at Cobblestone Creek is a unique opportunity for our young Members to receive top-notch instruction from our golf professional staff.


The program was established in an effort to develop and promote a love and respect for golf in the children of Cobblestone Creek, and while our aim is to teach the principles of the game (including golf skills, standards of decorum, and etiquette), we strive to provide each and every junior golfer with a great experience that they will remember!

The Junior Golf Program includes clinics, continuing education and

practice on the course, as well as several fun games to help the golfers

continue to develop the skills they are introduced to. With Beginner,

Intermediate, and Advanced levels, there are new skills for every young

golfer to learn, and our program is sure to be a fun activity each summer! 

The program begins in early July and runs through early August. For

more information, please contact our Head Golf Professional, Neil Reidy,

by calling (585) 924-6460. 

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