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Cobblestone Creek Country Club Dress Code

Golf Dress Code: Cobblestone’s dress code for the golf course, driving range, and practice putting and chipping areas is similar to those of most private clubs. The purpose of the code is to provide a measure of certainty regarding acceptable golf attire, to reduce the chance of embarrassment, and to help ensure that Member, family, and guest golfing experiences at the Club are comfortable for all. Member co-operation in ensuring compliance with dress code policies is sincerely appreciated.

The golf dress code applies to Members and guests and to juniors as well as adults. Members are responsible for informing their guests of our dress code policies prior to their guests coming to the course.  Apparel sold in the Golf Shop that is inconsistent with the dress code may not be worn in the golfing areas. If at any time you are unsure whether or not particular clothing complies with the dress code, please ask one of our Golf Professionals.

The dress code will be enforced by Cobblestone’s Golf Professional Staff. Persons not in compliance with the dress code will be asked to either change into appropriate attire or leave the golfing areas. Members should not confront other Members or their guests who are inappropriately dressed but may report the non-compliance to the Golf Shop.

General: Tasteful golf attire is required at all times. Tank tops, t-shirts, blue jeans and denim of any color, cut-offs, cargo pants and shorts, drawstring pants and shorts, sweats, gym shorts, and fitness, biking and tennis apparel are not permitted. Golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles are appropriate footwear. Golf sandals are allowed. Shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. Juniors aged 12 and under may wear sneakers that are clean and in good repair. Caps and visors must be worn with the bill facing forward.

Men/Boys: Bermuda/golf shorts at least mid-thigh in length and golf slacks are appropriate. Shirts must have sleeves and a one-inch collar; mock-neck and turtleneck shirts are acceptable. With the exception of hip-length straight-hemmed shirts specifically designed to be worn over pants and shorts, shirts must be worn tucked in.


Women/Girls: Shorts, skorts, and dresses must be at least mid-thigh in length; short shorts and short skirts (e.g., tennis-length) are not acceptable golf attire. Golf slacks and capris are appropriate. Sleeveless shirts and tops must have a one-inch collar, and collarless shirts and tops must have sleeves; mock-neck and turtleneck shirts are acceptable. Halter, tube, low-cut, skintight, and spaghetti-strapped tops are not allowed. Shirts and tops need not be worn tucked in but skin in the midriff area may not be exposed. Undergarments may not be visible. Lycra/ spandex tops and leggings are permitted only if they are worn under acceptable golf attire.

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