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Cobblestone Creek Country Club is an exclusive private country club with a relaxed, but conservative, dress code. Tasteful and appropriate attire is the expectation at all times. 


  • Members, children ages four (4) and older, guests and visitors are expected to be suitably attired at all times on Club premises. Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress requirements prior to their arrival at the Club.

  • Appropriate shoes must be worn everywhere in the Club with the exception of the pool area. All clothing must be neat, clean, un-tattered and otherwise orderly. Dining attire is informal/country club casual except for special events, which may be designated as relaxed, formal/semi-formal based on themed events. Details will be made available in special event announcements.




Rules cannot be written that can possibly address every instance of inappropriate dress, but here are some requirements.


  • No ripped, soiled, stained, cut off or see-through clothing.

  • No t-shirts, cropped tops, tube tops or bra type tops, except in the pool, sports facility, and tennis areas.

  • Undergarments (or private areas of skin) should never be visible.

  • Slacks and shorts must be worn at the waist line.



  • Men’s shirts specifically designed to be worn outside the pants or shorts (i.e. tropical shirts) are acceptable. A turtleneck or mock turtleneck is considered a collared shirt. Sweaters are acceptable as long as over a collared shirt.

  • Women’s sleeveless or spaghetti strap dress or top that is part of an outfit is acceptable as long as it does not bare any midriff and is of a conservative cut.

  • Mid-thigh length skirts and shorts are appropriate.

  • After fitness, tennis, and/or swimming, going into the Clubhouse requires appropriate warm-up/cover up-attire and shoes.

  • Sport hats are permitted on the pub patio, lower portions of the Clubhouse, and locker rooms only. The bill of the cap must be worn forward.



  • Tennis shoes and tennis attire are required for play on all courts. 

  • No street shoes, swimsuits, or cut-off blue denim pants or shorts are allowed.



  • Appropriate cover-up and shoes/sandals should be worn to and from the pool and in the parking lot.

  • Denim/cut-off shorts are not permitted in the pool area.

  • Men’s golf shirts must have a 1” collar (mock turtlenecks are acceptable) and are to be tucked in at all times. Tropical Shirts may be worn out.

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